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Facebook post offers $1K to kill Philadelphia woman's "baby father," say police

Facebook post offers $1K to kill Philadelphia woman's "baby father," say police
20-year-old London Eleye and 18-year-old Timothy Bynum KYW

(CBS/KYW) PHILADELPHIA  - A young Philadelphia mother is finding out the hard way that if you want the father of your child dead, it's probably best you not put it in a post on Facebook, lest you get arrested.

Philadelphia police allege that London Eleye posted a message offering a "stack" to whoever would "kill [her] baby father," and police say someone intended to take her up on the offer.

Investigators say that Eleye posted the alleged solicitation last month and that the "stack" she offered was street slang for $1,000, according to CBS affiliate KYW.

According to court documents, several people on Facebook asked Eleye if she seriously wanted him dead and Eleye responded: "DEAD. HATE HIM!"

"And then a young man asks who is he? Where does he live? She then gives a description of the male and where he lives at which point the male says 'Ok, give me the stack, I'll take care of it'," Lt. John Walker with the Philadelphia Police Department told KYW.

The intended target spoke to reporters, and police then learned about the situation, and searched the home of the alleged hitman, 18-year-old Timothy Bynum, where they say they found a .22-caliber handgun.

But the young man's mother says Bynum, who works full-time and goes to school part-time, is innocent. "He didn't even know what the guy looked like. You can't carry anything out if you don't know what the person looks like," Madeline Wimberly told KYW.

Wimberly says she doesn't know how or where her son got her gun, and calls the entire incident a huge misunderstanding. She's retained a lawyer determined to clear her son's name.

Eleye is charged with solicitation to commit murder and Bynum is charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. As of Monday night, both remained in jail unable to post their bail.