Facebook Fugitive Captured for Bank Fraud, Status: Convicted

SEATTLE (AP) Yet another fugitive has been foiled by Facebook, this time for bank fraud.

Maxi Sopo fled to Cancun, Mexico, last year after learning he was under investigation. For a while, investigators weren't sure where he was. But like so many cutting-edge criminals, Sopo started posting status updates on Facebook saying how much fun he was having - he even added a former Justice Department official to his list of Facebook friends.

How convenient.

U.S. authorities used the information to track him down in Mexico and he was extradited to Seattle, where he pleaded guilty Thursday to bank fraud charges. Prosecutors said Sopo and an associate falsely obtained more than $200,000 from Seattle-area banks and credit unions.

Sopo is a native of Cameroon who previously was convicted of fraud in the United Kingdom, and is now an unofficial member of the Criminals-Captured-on-Facebook Club.