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'Face The Nation' Lands Biden's First Interview As V.P.

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CBS News chief Washington correspondent and Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer has landed an exclusive interview with Vice President Joseph Biden. The interview will air on 'Face the Nation' at 10:30 am E.T on Sunday, Biden's sixth day in office.

Schieffer tells that he plans to ask Vice President Biden about Biden's recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, how the administration is settling in, how he views the vice presidency in comparison to his predecessor and what he feels are the toughest issues President Obama and his team must tackle.

"He's a good interview," Schieffer said, noting that Biden has been in the "Face the Nation" hot seat thirty-five times since 2004 and "at least a dozen" times since. (Biden has given so many interviews because of his high-ranking position on both foreign policy and judiciary issues in the Senate.) The venerable moderator said that while Vice President Biden was not interviewed during his primary run for the Democratic presidential nomination, he was a guest on the show "several" times during the general election last fall.

"We are excited," Schieffer said of the upcoming interview, the first Biden has given since being sworn in as Vice President on Tuesday.

"Face the Nation" will be broadcast from Wilmington, Del. this weekend.

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