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F-35 fighter jet crashes at Eglin Air Force Base, days after F-22 crash near base

A U.S. Air Force F-35A crashed Tuesday night while landing at Eglin Air Force Base, officials said in a statement, four days after another fighter jet crashed near the base. The pilot is in stable condition after successfully ejecting from the aircraft.

The aircraft assigned to the 58th Fighter Squadron crashed during a routine night training mission at the base, which is located east of Pensacola in Florida's Panhandle.  No one was hurt on the ground and there was no damage to civilian property, officials said. The crash is under investigation.

The incident comes after a F-22 fighter plane crashed during a training flight near the base on Friday. The pilot in that crash also safely ejected from the aircraft and was in stable condition, officials said.

That jet was part of the 325th Fighter Wing at the base. It was about 12 miles northeast of the base when it crashed.

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