Eye-Opening Moms: Nancy Pelosi and daughter Alexandra


(CBS News) Democratic House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and her daughter, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi joined "CBS This Morning" on Friday, to close out a week featuring Eye-Opening Moms and their daughters.

Nancy Pelosi has been in public service for 25 years, after spending nearly as much time raising five children. Alexandra, a filmmaker and mother of two, has focused her own work on the stories of people who find their way to power, including former President George W. Bush and those coming back after a fall from grace, like former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey.

On Friday, Nancy said ensuring that moms and people of diverse backgrounds get to leadership positions is essential, explaining, "in public policy ... the most wholesome thing you can do is have the empowerment of women. Our Democratic minority caucus is 54 percent women, minorities, and LGBT communities. At the table, we have a beautiful diversity of opinion."

Alexandra -- who was a high school senior when her mother decided to run for Congress -- revealed that she was thrilled when her mom revealed she was considering a Congressional role that would keep her traveling at least three days a week.

"What high school senior doesn't want their mom out of town?" Alexandra joked.

She also revealed her mother's backup "empty nest" plan to capitalize on her Thanksgiving cooking skills. "She always said what she was going to do was going to sell her cranberry sauce," Alexandra said.

For more from this mother-daughter duo, watch the video above.