Extended Play: Sarah Silverman Interview

Hey, guys! As you know, in addition to anchoring the CBS Evening News, I also report stories for other CBS programs like 60 Minutes, or in this case, CBS Sunday Morning. I had a chance to interview Sarah Silverman who is very much the comedienne of the moment. Her irreverent, and maybe even demented, sense of humor might repel as many fans as it attracts. A friend described her humor as "just wrong." Maybe that's why it's so funny – because it's so outrageous.

We had so much good material that I didn't want to see go to waste, so here's an extended play remix! We talked about her troubled adolescence, how she developed that offbeat sense of humor, and, of course, Jimmy Kimmel ... even though I know she did not want me to go there.

Oh, well. What's a girl to do?