Explosions Spark Massive Fire at Texas Plant

MONT BELVIEU, Texas - Several explosions at a plant outside Houston were followed by flames that could be seen from miles around, CBS News affiliate KHOU-TV reports.

(Scroll down to watch raw video from the fire)

The explosions happened at Enterprise Products around 12:25 p.m. Central time.

Witnesses reported seeing workers fleeing from the plant. Other workers were being told to stay inside.

The company hasn't released any details about injuries but has confirmed that at least one contractor has not been accounted for.

"My ex husband called my kids & told them that him and his crew got out by the skin [of] their teeth," a viewer named Robin posted on KHOU-TV's Facebook page. "But his truck was right there as the tank blew!"

County officials say there's no known threat to the public at this time. They have not called for evacuations.

The state highway near the plant has been closed.

Flames have spread to several nearby vehicles and at least one building.

The fire was still burning out of control nearly an hour after it began. The flames could be seen 25 miles away in Houston.

Firefighters are letting the fire burn itself out.

A Houston caller named Pat Headen said she was talking to her cousin inside the plant when the first set of explosions happened. There were three more explosions while they were still on the phone.

"Anywhere from eight to 11 explosions," Headen said.

Headen's cousin told her that some employees were being told to stay inside.

"My husband works there and said they're in the main admin building and that area is safe," a viewer named Julie posted on to KHOU-TV's Facebook page. "But prayers are never a bad thing!"

  • CBSNews.com wire services

    CBSNews.com wire services