Exploring Unfortunate Names Like Tim Burr

Harry Smith
This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
Baby naming has become a cottage industry.

There are books and Web sites and even advisors for soon to be parents.

I've interviewed folks who have been almost paralyzed by the naming process.

People afraid that they would burden their child with a name too difficult to bare. Well, according to the BBC, a baby website in the U.K. decided to run a search of truly unfortunate names - and there are some doozies.

How about Paige Turner or Anna Sassin.

Imagine having to go through life with a name like Hazel Nutt, or Stan Still.

They're real, and one can only assume the parents thought they were being amusing. Or whimsical.

Stan Still said, and I quote, "It was like a bloomin' mill stone around my neck."

On the other hand, Rose Bush said she loves her name.

"People are always making nice comments about it," she says.

As parents there are a million and one ways we can screw up our kids, or make them resent us. Naming a child Tim Burr is just one of them.
By Harry Smith