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Exploding propane-filled balloons in slow-motion, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a science experiment that's a blast to watch and an overprotective raccoon looking out for his sibling.

The Backyard Scientist is back in his backyard, doing some more science. This time, the Floridian's filling balloons with propane, blowing them up in a multitude of interesting ways and playing the action back in slow-motion. He creates some incredible visuals, not the least of which being an explosion underwater in his swimming pool. WARNING: Some NSFW Language

Meanwhile, in a different swimming pool...

Vicki Coppen posted this video of raccoon brothers named Willie and Waylon. Willie, the adventurous one, goes out for a swim, while overprotective Waylon delightfully tries rescue him. Perhaps Waylon's trying to save him from exploding propane balloons.

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