Exotic ice cream flavors spice up summer

Thanks to President Reagan, July is National Ice Cream Month; he made it official over 25 years ago. Back then, he was probably thinking in terms of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

But now, ice cream makers are taking a turn toward the savory side -- as in garlic, or salt and pepper ice cream!

"The Bent Spoon" in Princeton, NJ, offers 18 daily flavors that are anything but ordinary.

"People like the classics, but they also like to challenge their pallets," said the shop's Matthew Errico.

With scorching temperatures outside, which flavors are you willing to try that could cool you down, yet spice up your summer?

Early Show Contributor Taryn Winter Brill dished the scoop on the new, tasty trend and got some reactions from eager ice cream aficionados.