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First stream: Marc Broussard's new album, "Easy to Love"

Marc Broussard is hoping his first full-length album in over three years is something fans find "Easy to Love." 

That happens to be the title of his newest studio album. It's also the name of one of the 14 tracks featured on the record. The newest release blends all the sounds the Louisiana-born artist is known for -- country, blues, funk and rock.

Broussard talked to about his new record, which is available for purchase on Sept. 15. CBS News has the first stream of the album, which you can listen to here. 

Where did the album title "Easy to Love" come from? 

Well, that's the title of one of the songs on the record. It's a very simple song that I've always loved. It's only 12 lines of lyrics all together. One of my friends who wrote it actually wrote it about his dogs, believe it or not. Dogs are so easy to love. They give you so much and leave you with little to be angry about. They just love unconditionally.

In the past you've recorded an album in the studio with the same band you play live with. Was that the case for this record?

It was, for the most part. The players that I use on the live shows were used on the record in a few different ways. It was recorded in various locations with different setups. 

Does having your live band in studio impact the production of a record?

I think it really does. You know, typically an artist wouldn't use their live band in the studio because the band might not be as capable as some of the session players that you might find. 

For my purposes though, these guys are fully competent. For me, it really boils down to having a lot of confidence in the abilities of the guys I'm with on the road. Not necessarily because they're the top players, but because I purposely sought them out and trust them. I like being an artist because it means having a somewhat concise and clear vision for the record. But I love that I'm able to employ the help of very talented people in the creation of these things. I want to be a ringleader more than a dictator. That's why I surround myself with first-class players, because I want to be the best of the best. 

How has your sound and approach to music changed overtime?

I think things have changed dramatically in my personal life. As a man, I'm much more attentive to the present than I ever was before.

I think the overall attitude towards life has definitely made a dramatic impact on my writing and performing. I think things have changed not only in the mechanics of actuating my artistic vision, but also in the overall style and sound.  

Marc Broussard - Gavin's Song (Piano Version) by Marc Broussard on YouTube

Why did you decide to restore "Gavin's Song" for this record?

It was a very conscious choice to bring it back, because it was the probably the most requested song at the live shows. Most importantly though, the meaning behind that song has kind of evolved over the years -- as I've grown into manhood and as my son has grown into being a young man. 

The power of the message behind that song has taken on new gravity in the last few years. I just wanted an opportunity to refresh and update it to really give it the attention that it deserves. Especially now that my son is older.

 Do your other children have a favorite song on the album so far?

 My daughters love "Memory of You."

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You'll continue touring for this album once it releases on Friday. Do you find your time spent on the road is a good time to connect with fans?

I actually spend a lot of time connecting with people on social media. For me, the Facebook comments section has been a really beautiful place to devise some inspiration from folks that listen to my music. 

How so?

People take the opportunity to share anecdotes with me about  a soldier who always related to the song while on deployment. Or how a mother who lost a child loves my songs. These stories, while heartbreaking at times, offer me a chance to really take stock of what my role is in this life and what my purpose is on this planet. The stories are very reassuring and remind me that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and doing what I should be doing. 

Listen below for the full stream of
Marc Broussard's "Easy to Love." The album will be released on September 15th.