Excerpts: Chris Pittman Interview

<B><I>48 Hours</I></B> Has Exclusive Interview With 12-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His Grandparents

Read excerpts from 48 Hours Correspondent Erin Moriarty's exclusive interview with Chris Pittman. Click here for the full story.

MORIARTY: Do you remember everything that happened that night?

PITTMAN: No, ma'am.

MORIARTY: What do you remember?

PITTMAN: Just about what happened. I mean, just some nights, you know, (UNINTEL PHRASE) kept going in my mind over and over again. So same thing. And it's just hard, you know?

MORIARTY: Is it hard to believe that you were the one that did it?

PITTMAN: It's hard that -- I mean, I don't really know how I could do something like that. Especially to the people I love the most.

MORIARTY: So how do you tell yourself when you say that, "I don't know how I could have done that to people I love the most." How do you think it did happen? Why do you think you did do that that night? Do you have any idea?

PITTMAN: Medicine. That's the only reason that I know. That's the only reason - logical - reason that I could see why it happened.

MORIARTY: Do you remember what led up to it? Were you angry with your grandparents that night? Do you remember any of that?

PITTMAN: Uh-uh (NEGATIVE). I wasn't angry. I mean, I just -- I don't know what happened. It just happened. I mean, they didn't, he didn't even get on to me, really. I mean, he just, you know, told me … that if I didn't straighten up, that my dad might find out and I might have to go back to Florida.

I mean, that's the only thing he told me. And then he gave me a hug afterwards. And I don't know why I got so mad. I mean, it's just -- I don't know.

MORIARTY: So you felt, like, this unusual anger?

PITTMAN: Uh-huh (AFFIRM). I mean, I've never really been angry before. I mean, I've been upset and stuff like that. I mean, 'cause usually, I just keep all my feelings inside and just, I don't know what happened. I mean, at the time, I didn't feel any different.

MORIARTY: Tell me about your grandfather, your relationship with him.

PITTMAN: It was great. … He didn't always come back down here, I mean, go back down to Florida. … Every time he came, I wouldn't leave his side.

MORIARTY: And did you like going to visit them in South Carolina?

PITTMAN: Yes, ma'am.

MORIARTY: What kind of stuff would you do with your dad, with your grandfather?

PITTMAN: We'd go fishing. We went hunting. Do all kinds of stuff. You know, go around the yard and ride a four-wheeler. Stuff like that.

MORIARTY: And how would you describe your grandfather? What kind of guy was he?

PITTMAN: He had a sense of humor … try to make jokes and stuff.

MORIARTY: Is it hard talking about him?

PITTMAN: Not really. Just trying to get the words, you know? He wasn't strict. I mean, there was certain things he liked done and stuff. But, I mean, not one time in my life -- I seen him get -- I mean, he never been angry. He's been upset. But he hasn't ever been angry, you know, for me or Danielle, or any of my cousins or anything.

I haven't (UNINTEL) angry. I mean, he never whipped us or spanked us, or anything like that. I mean, he'd get onto us. And, you know, afterwards he give us a hug and tell us that he loves us and stuff.

MORIARTY: So even that night, on that night when you had gotten in trouble on the bus, you had gotten in trouble with your grandfather. You'd gone to church. He didn't get very angry with you that night either?

PITTMAN: I don't know.

MORIARTY: Did he hit you?


MORIARTY: So do you know why you were so angry with him?


MORIARTY: Had you ever felt that kind of anger before?


MORIARTY: What did it feel like? Can you kind of just let me know a little bit what that felt like?

PITTMAN: I mean, it just felt like all the time that, you know, you've been mad. It's not, it's just like it all just exploded. I mean, just exploded. I don't know. It just like a bomb going off.