Examining 'Survivor' Tactics

"Survivor: All-Stars" continues Thursday night, with an episode that promises to be full of surprises.

In an effort to handicap the hunt for the ultimate "Survivor" champ, The Early Show sought the opinions of some of the game's other greats.

Jon Dalton, from "Survivor: Pearl Islands," and Gervase Peterson, from "Survivor: Borneo," offered their takes on the current "Survivor" season Thursday morning.

The man America loved to hate on "Survivor: Pearl Islands" appeared wearing a cervical collar, pointing out that is one reason he is not in "All-Stars."

"I have a one-year wrestling contract I need to take advantage of." says Dalton, who has taken his "Jonny Fairplay " persona to pay-per-view wrestling for TNA (Total Nonstop Action).

Co-anchor Harry Smith says he never thought he would say it, but he misses seeing Dalton on the show. "Everybody misses me," Dalton agrees.

Of the "All-Stars" cast, Dalton says those easily recognized as the villains are "editing themselves because they are scared of making the same mistake twice. But the island won't let you do that for long, so we'll get the real people, I think, this week."

Peterson agrees, "You can't fake it for too long," he says.

He notes the "All-Stars" game has been a bit boring for him. Richard Hatch for one, he says, is as annoying in Panama as he was in Borneo. "But it's different this time because everybody knows what you're about, from watching you play on the show before. So it's, like, why would you play it that way again?"

The person who is keeping both Dalton and Peterson enthralled is Amber, whose posted odds of winning on the Internet have been as high as 100-1.

Peterson says, "Amber has a great shot, just because of the fact she's Amber. You don't know she's there half the time. She's under the radar; doesn't offend anybody; nor gets on anybody's nerves. She's very quiet. Hanging out with [Boston] Rob can only help you."

Dalton agrees, but notes, "Haven't these players learned from the past. Like, OK if you make yourself kind of quiet, everyone likes you, you're a threat because, you know…"

Peterson interjects, "People don't realize that until later on, when it's too late. The crazy thing about this show is every second affects every minute of every day out there, every action of the game. Everything can be going great, I can say something to Jonny, Richard can overhear it and it blows the plan out the water. The whole game plan changed."

Rupert, with his home-field advantage, is another player who Dalton says is playing the game well. Though Dalton admits he doesn't like the man himself.

"Not a fan. Not a fan," he says.

Peterson adds, "Nobody knows anything about Rupert. He's the X-factor. Rupert can do anything he wants. He did a great deal with sticking with Rudy, not breaking his word. Jenna and everybody knows that he's a trustworthy guy and can now stab them in the back."

Another player they both like is Jenna Lewis. "I hated her the first time she was around. Got on my nerves, too happy all the time, a pain in my butt," Peterson says, adding that now it is different, "I just appreciate her idea of getting rid of the winners. If you've won already, you're gone. That guarantees you being there three more times."

The obvious targets are the winners. Dalton says, "If you're smart, you get rid of them, definitely the hardest thing is picking somebody to vote for. You don't want to do that. That's the easy vote. Think about it, it's an easy excuse: You won already."

But not all previous winners have a hard time. While Ethan struggles, Richard has been lounging.

Dalton notes, "He's there for a free vacation on CBS's dime."

Peterson sees former Borneo-mates Rich and Sue as contestants just waiting to be voted off.

Next for Dalton is wrestling again next week, even though he's still suffering from his last gig - "concussion and back spasms for three weeks," he says.

Peterson has returned to his hometown of Willingboro, N.J., and has acted in a couple of independent films. He has also been endorsing

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