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Ex-"Sleeper Spy" Anna Chapman Gets TV Show in Russia

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman speaks during a congress from a pro-Kremlin youth group Molodaya Gvardiya (The Young Guard) in Moscow, on December 22, 2010. Getty Images

Since being deported from the U.S. last year on charges of being a spy for Russia, Anna Chapman has been busy.

First, she and her fellow spies were celebrated by an official state welcome party. She did some sexy magazine photo shoots. She attended a rocket launch. She was given a movie role and a lion cub. She rallied the youth of Vladimir Putin's political party.

Now, Anna Chapman is getting a TV show.

A spokeswoman for REN-TV, a private nationwide channel, told the Associated Press Wednesday that Chapman will host a new TV show in which she will "use all her talents to solve the world's most complicated mysteries."

No other details of the show were provided.

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Maybe the sultry 28-year-old redhead will finally reveal the mystery of how she contributed to Russian espionage against the United States, which she has yet to do.

Chapman was exposed in the United States along with nine other so-called sleeper agents in an FBI sting operation and deported back to Russia this summer. It was the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.

Rather than recede into anonymity like the other agents, Chapman has reveled in the fame.

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