Ex-LSU cornerback Tharold Simon arrested

Updated 5:39 PM ET

NEW ORLEANS Former LSU cornerback and NFL draft prospect Tharold Simon is facing possible charges in his hometown of Eunice for his alleged treatment of a police officer who ordered Simon to move his parked car out of the street.

Simon's agent, Peter Schaffer, disputes police accounts and says the officer overacted in a "shameful" abuse of power.

"I have obtained a written statement from almost 20 witnesses," said Schaffer, as reported by CBSSports.com's Jason La Canfora, "all of whom corroborated Tharold's version of the incident, in which he did absolutely nothing wrong and nothing illegal. I'm 100 percent confident that there will be no charges filed and Tharold will be completely exonerated. I'm looking into the filing of a civil lawsuit against the officer and the Eunice Police Department. Tharold is an outstanding young man, and it's appalling to me that an officer would act this way, particularly at this time."

According to a police report first obtained by KATC-TV, Simon was arrested Thursday night on charges of public intimidation, resisting an officer and a noise violation. He was released on bond.

Police say Simon blared his stereo while moving his car, said he could have the officer fired for writing a ticket, then moved his arm away when the officer tried to arrest him.

Schaffer is certain Simon acted appropriately and will be exonerated.