Evil Empire Score Card

It's been nearly fives years since Boston Red Sox president Larry Lucchino labeled the Yankees an "evil empire" after losing out in the bidding war for free agent Jose Contreras (who, btw, has an ERA north of 4.50 over five seasons).

So, to paraphrase Luke Skywalker, is the dark side stronger? It doesn't take a mathematician to calculate the leader in this battle. Boston's World Series win last night puts them up 2-0 over the Yankees since dropping the evil label on the Bronx Bombers. Add to that the greatest come-from-behind victory in baseball in 2004 when the Sox beat the Yankees in four straight games after falling behind 3-0 to reach the series.

But now the tables (or should I say labels) have turned and it seems the devil wears crimson.

  • Time.com: "Don't look, Red Sox Nation. Your team is becoming everything you used to hate."

  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: "After all, it's hard to call the Yankees the Evil Empire when the Red Sox are spending more than anyone but the Yankees, and when the Red Sox are the team going for their second ring in four years while the Yankees haven't won one in seven years."
  • AP Columnist Tim Dahlberg: "Evil has been defeated, but with victory comes new risk for Boston.

    "They're not warm and fuzzy anymore, and no longer seem all that lovable."

    Chicago Cubs fans take heart in your 100-year drought from World Series success -- no one ever uses the term "lovable winners."