Evening Valentine's Looks

Whether you have a big date lined up for the evening, or even if you're looking for a date, you'll probably want to look your best this Valentine's Day.

Celebrity makeup artist Sonia Kashuk (creator of the Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics line sold exclusively at Target) visits The Early Show to demonstrate some looks sure to lure that special someone.

The key is finding a "look" that works for you, and having the right tools and makeup to pull that look off.


The tools:

  • Brown eye shadow/liner/mascara
  • Pink Cheek
  • High gloss red (sheer) lip

    According to Kashuk, this look is all about color. Right now, color is the new trend from which you shouldn't shy away. Here are Kashuk's tips:

    Keep the eye soft and subtle with neutral browns. The key to this look is the punch of color on the lip. You don't want to overdo the eyes and the lips; otherwise, you'll risk looking too "done."

    The lips pack the color-intensive punch to this look. Kashuk suggests going full-throttle with a deeply pigmented lip-gloss (try a high-gloss red). She insists that clear lip-glosses are out. She says that women shouldn't be afraid of using color on their lips. The key is finding the right color (in this case, the right red) for your skin tone.

    And finally, don't go overboard with the lip liner. If you must use lip liner at all, go for a very natural, soft line. The days of heavy lip liner are over.

    For this look, choose a soft pink blush to give yourself a little glow. When applying blush, Kashuk cautions not to stroke blush upwards (it has an aging effect). She says that you should only apply color to the apples of your cheeks, using circular motions to apply for a soft, sweet look.

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    Bronze Beauty
    The tools:

  • Brown/neutral eyes
  • Bronze blush
  • Bronze/neutral lips

    This look is all about "thinking St. Tropez!" Kashuk says. First, even though it's winter, she says you shouldn't ditch your self-tanner or bronzer.

    "Bronzers work for all races and skin tones on a yearly basis," Kashuk says, "and can be used year-round to give you a gorgeous glow." A dusting or application of bronzer/self tanner will give your winter-worn skin a kiss of sun and luminescence.

    Kashuk uses neutral bronze shadows on the eyes, further accenting the bronzed look of the skin. She also uses brown eyeliner for this look.

    "Many women avoid using eyeliner on the lower eye because they feel it makes eyes look smaller, which is true," says Kashuk. "However, if you feather it out, it will make the eye appear larger. This is a trick makeup artists use all of the time on the runway and on shoots." To feather liner out: line eyes and smudge out with a Q-tip.

    Again, think bronze for the lip, gloss or lipstick. Don't use a clear gloss, though (remember, it's not hip anymore!). Instead, go for a lightly pigmented gloss or a sheer lipstick that leaves a trace of color on your pucker.

    Some products to try:
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    Femme Fatale

    The tools:

  • Smoky blue eye
  • Light blush
  • False lashes and a tweezer
  • Nude lips

    This look is all about channeling the ultimate sex symbol, according to Kashuk. It's all about the new smoky eye. Say goodbye to charcoal smoky eyes and get ahead of the trend with blues and greens.

    The hottest trend on the runways for spring was a colored, smoky eye. Makeup artists layer pigment-rich hues of blue or green to get this modern, sultry look (Kashuk opts for a blue palate). Look for an eye kit with varying shades of blue, and layer on (with brushes - not the flimsy applicators that come with your makeup) to get this look.

    To get eyes that really pop (and/or for a big night out), Sonia says "don't be afraid to use false eyelashes. What makeup artists know that most people don't is to always use a tweezer to put on the false eyelashes. It will ensure a proper fit."

    Directions for creating the smoky eye:

    • With a soft brush, fill your entire eye area with the lightest color in a quad of color.
    • Line your bottom eyelid with an eye pencil (a good rule of thumb: if your eyes are smaller, only go about halfway. If your eyes are quite large, you can go nearly to the inner corner).
    • Blend the liner with a Q-tip, getting a really smudgy line, taking away the hard edge of the liner.
    • Next, brush the middle shade right along your brow bone, blending down into your eye lid. Blend the darker color into the crease and onto the top of your eye lid.
    • Line upper lid with the darkest shadow in the quad, or with eye pencil or liquid liner, and apply mascara

  • Skin and Lips
    Too much blush and lipstick would make this look go from sexy chic to clownish and uncool, so Kashuk opts for a pale blush and a nude lip (again, use a lipstick or nude-colored gloss - don't just leave lips bare!). Apply each lightly to make eyes the focal point of this look.

    Some products to try:
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