Estrella Carrera Murder: Car belonging to bride-slaying suspect found at Chicago home, police say

This image shows Estrella Carrera, whose body was found on Sunday, May 13, 2012 only hours after her wedding to Arnoldo Jimenez.
Estrella Carrera

(CBS/AP) BURBANK, Ill. - Police located the 2006 black Maserati belonging to Arnoldo Jimenez last week, who is wanted for allegedly killing Estrella Carrera just hours after their spring wedding, CBS Chicago reports.

Pictures: Groom sought after bride slain in Ill. apartment

Burbank Police Capt. Joseph Ford released a statement Thursday saying that the car was discovered during the drug arrest of the suspect's brother, Humberto Jimenez, at his Chicago home.

Arnoldo Jimenez, 30, is being sought in the stabbing death of his newlywed wife on May 11. There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and prosecution.

Jimenez iss accused of stabbing Carrera to death hours later in her suburban Chicago apartment. Her body was found still clad in the silver cocktail dress she wore to celebrate their wedding.

Investigators believe that Carrera was stabbed in the car and moved the bathtub. They said Humberto Jimenez then drove Arnoldo in the car to Mexico.

During the drug arrest, the Maserati was found in Humberto's garage. Arnoldo is still sought in a first-degree murder warrant.

The Maserati was moved to the Burbank Police Department for analysis. Prosecutors told the judge that blood was inside the car.

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