Essentials For A Lobster Feast

Bobby Flay has taken to cooking the old way with a spin on plank fish -- using lobster tail with smoked chile corn relish
CBS/The Early Show
A fun way to spend time with family and friends this summer is to throw a lobster party. Tanya Steel, editor of Bon Appétit magazine visits The Saturday Early Show to demonstrate the essentials you will need to cook lobster and prepare it, as well as how to create a fun table setting for it.

Where To Get Lobster?
You can get lobster at your local seafood store or you can order it online to be shipped to you overnight. A couple overnight delivery places Steel recommends are Legal Sea foods at: and Graffam Brothers at:
If you are picking out your own lobster, make sure it is alive. Look for healthy ones that are moving and have hard shells, not soft shells.

The following are the items featured on the show:

Le Creuset Lobster Pot
Perfect for a lobster bake, this lidded 16-quart pot is bright red with a lobster graphic on it. It heats evenly and works on any cooking surface. It is safe for the oven and dishwasher and comes with a 10-year warranty.
Price: $79.95

In-Sink Colander
This stainless-steel mesh basket fits in your sink for easy rinsing and draining. This one is particularly nice because one handle extends an extra 6 1/2" for a custom fit, and rubber feet keep the basket in place. Because the basket is seamless, it will never rust.
Price: $30.00

Lobster Shears
Retrieving the lobster meat from the shell can be a challenge. These stainless-steel shears are perfect for prying it out. They have tapered, beak-shaped blades and two ridged crackers that tackle claws and legs. They also have locking handles for safe storage and are dishwasher safe.

All-Clad Stainless-Steel Butter Warmer
You can't have shellfish without melted butter. This All-Clad bonded stainless-steel pan makes it is easy to prepare. Because the thick aluminum core distributes heat evenly, you can melt butter over low heat; there are no hot spots, so butter won't scorch. The pan is also handy for making sauces and reheating soups. 2-cup cap.
Price: $64.00