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Eskimos do not have 100's of words for snow, and other myths debunked

(CBS) - C.G.P. Grey makes us smarter every day. We've posted quite a few videos of this knowledgeable gentleman with the mellifluous voice. In this latest installment, some common misconceptions are debunked. Some of us are particularly glad to know that cracking knuckles does not in fact cause arthritis and we look forward to bringing this up the next time our mother calls.

As for the rest: hit play, you might just learn something.

This certainly clears quite a few things up. It's funny how, once you take a moment to think about them, most myths are easily debunked. Of course you can't see the Great Wall of China from space. Who ever would have thought that?


Credit, as always, goes to that master edutainer C.G.P. Grey. Check out the rest of his YouTube page HERE.

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