Erin Moriarty


Moriarty has been a correspondent for 48 Hours since June 1990. She had previously been the consumer correspondent for CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News .

Drawing on her training as a lawyer, Moriarty has explored some of the most important social and legal issues of our day, such as teenagers facing the death penalty, the abortion controversy, the nation's drug and alcohol abuse problems, battered woman's syndrome and the battle to save premature babies. Her exclusive interview with Stephen Jones, defense attorney for convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, was broadcast on 60 Minutes.

Moriarty has received numerous honors, including nine national Emmy Awards for her work on 48 Hours. In 1988, she received the Outstanding Consumer Media Service Award presented by the Consumer Federation of America for "her many contributions of both local and national significance as a consumer reporter."

Prior to joining CBS News in 1986, Moriarty was an award-winning consumer reporter for WMAQ-TV Chicago (1983-86). She was also a reporter in Columbus, Ohio; Baltimore and Cleveland.

Moriarty was graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio State University with a degree in behavioral sciences. She received a law degree from Ohio State University and is licensed to practice law in Ohio, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. She lives in New York with her husband, an attorney.