Erin Andrews Peephole Video: Alleged Hotel Stalker Michael Barrett Says He Has Regrets, Not Guilt

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Photo: Erin Andrews.

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) Erin Andrews' alleged peephole stalker is definitely sorry he got charged with a crime. But Michael David Barrett also says he's not guilty.

PICTURES: Erin Andrews Naked Peephole Video

Barrett entered that plea Monday in Los Angeles, on one count of interstate stalking, for allegedly shooting secret nude videos of ESPN reporter Andrews.

The 48-year-old Illinois insurance executive pled in federal court. Barrett remains free after posting a higher-than-expected bond Friday of $100,000.

Photo: Michael D. Barrett.

PICTURES: Erin Andrews Naked Peephole Video

U.S. Magistrate Judge Carolyn Turchin set the amount after Andrews' attorney called Barrett's alleged behavior calculated, cunning and secretive and said he posed a threat to the public.

Prosecutors say Barrett found hotels where Andrews was staying three times last year.

They say he rented an adjacent room, altered the peephole and shot videos of Andrews.

Barrett's attorney has said his client has no criminal record and has deep regret for the circumstances that have prompted the charges.

PICTURES: Erin Andrews Naked Peephole Video

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