Erica Blasberg, LPGA Golfer, Remembered At Memorial As "Goofy, Fun-Loving, and Ultra-Competitive"

In this May 23, 2008, file photo, Erica Blasberg tees off on the seventh hole during the second round of the LPGA Corning Classic golf tournament in Corning, N.Y. Police and an agent for 25-year-old Blasberg say she has died. Henderson, Nev., police spokesman Keith Paul said Monday, May 10, 2010, that authorities were investigating Blasberg's Sunday death. (AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli, File
AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli, File
Erica Blasberg (AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli, File)

CORONA, Calif. (CBS/AP) Family and friends gathered Wednesday to celebrate the life of LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg,  who died suddenly on May 9, 2010 at her home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PICTURES: Erica Blasberg Death

The cause of the 25-year-old's death remains a mystery, and is still being investigated by police, but at a memorial service in her hometown of Corona, Calif.  she was remembered as an "outstanding golfer with an infectious laugh and smile and personality."

The loss of the "goofy, fun-loving, and ultra-competitive" professional golfer has been felt by family, friends, and the entire golf community.  Some of Blasberg's former teammates spoke about her sense of camaraderie, reports CBS affiliate KCAL.

"She was one of the guys off the golf course and she played like one of the guys," high school teammate Shane Bacon, a male golfer, told KCAL.

Blasberg played on the Corona High School men's golf team because the school did not have a women's team; however, she never seemed to miss a beat.

Scott Walker, another one of Blasberg's teammates, told KCAL she was extremely "talented, pretty, and funny."

"She had a laugh about her that was very contagious and when you heard it, it brought joy to everyone else," he said. "And sometimes she'd have to walk out of the room because she was laughing so hard."

After Corona High School, Blasberg went on to the University of Arizona where she played golf for Coach Greg Allen who described Blasberg "as a big sister to his own kids."

"She brought me a lot closer to my kids at home," he told KCAL. "Like [her mother] Deb said at the service make sure you give your kids a hug every time they leave the house, go to school, and tuck them into bed because you never know when the good lord is going to call you home."

PICTURES: Erica Blasberg Death

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