Pennsylvania shooting suspect proving elusive in search

Eric Frein manhunt: Suspect may have left let... 01:44

CRESCO, Pennsylvania - Today, investigators searching Pennsylvania for accused cop killer Eric Frein said they found a note they believe he wrote. The police say it describes how he ambushed two state troopers, killing one and wounding the other and how he escaped.

Once again, last night, police believed they were hot on the trail of Eric Frein. They converged on a tree nursery where a man fitting Frein's description was seen. Dogs picked up a scent crossing in and out of creeks, but they eventually lost the trail.

Authorities say Frein has been spotted at least five times by searchers in the thick woods of northeastern Pennsylvania.

"We have some sightings that we place a high level of confidence," said State Police Col. George Blevins last Friday. "The only way to confirm it is to have him in custody and say yes, that is Eric Frein."

Police were reluctant to run after him for fear of booby-traps. A number of handmade pipe-bombs were found in an area authorities believe the fugitive had been hiding.

"A campsite was located within our primary search area," said Blevins. "Numerous items of clothing, food, ammunition and the two explosive devices were located at that time."

Officials say Frein has been living on tuna fish and Ramen noodles.

Authorities still consider the 31-year-old self-taught survivalist armed and dangerous, so as of this weekend, hunting has been banned in the immediate area of the search.

That has spoiled the vacation plans of many, including Jaban Cabides.

"I have three blinds set up on my property," said Cabides. "It takes a couple hours to set up each one, scouting, looking for rubs, signs of animals in the vicinity."

But he can't get to them. "I can't even step in the woods right now without getting arrested," he said.