Eric Cantor: Government Jobs Good, but Don't Grow Economy

CPAC Convention, Washington -- If the United States wants to avoid building up debt and joblessness like Greece's, the country has to stop creating government jobs and spur more job creation in the private sector, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said today.

"A smaller Washington will result in a bigger America," he said at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, "more jobs and more opportunity for all."

He criticized Democrats for increasing government jobs under the stimulus plan. "They're pretty good jobs," he acknowledged, pointing out that unions have negotiated good salaries for their workers.

"We've got to begin focusing not just on jobs, but on private sector jobs," Cantor said. "To preserve freedom we need more individuals who are worried about how high their taxes are and are less worried about how rich their government benefits are."

Washington, he said, needs to lower taxes and "stop the regulatory madness."

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