Epic Rap Battle: Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespeare

(CBS) - We've previously covered Epic Rap Battle before on The Feed when they pitted Einstein against Stephen Hawking. Well, I've got to give it up to the team over at NicePeter for bringing us yet another formidable pair together in a lyrical duel.

The match up this time? Dr. Seuss versus William Shakespeare! Watch to see how these two giants of the written word stack up.

I'm going to go with Shakespeare on that one, but am also a bit biased (I was named after the Bard). So who do you think won the battle? Or did it come down to a tie? Leave me some comment love below and let me know what you thought about it.

And in a totally unexpected and nice surprise, this particular rap battle features in the role of William Shakespeare The Feed-favorite George Watsky, who we posted about just yesterday with his new music video (and which I'm going to go ahead and include below). And to check out more Epic Rap Battles you can click here.