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Epic Mealtime's 87,000 Calorie "Slaughterhouse" is Probably Worst Thing You Could Ever Eat

Epic Mealtime's 87,000 calorie "Slaughterhouse."
Epic Mealtime's 87,000 calorie "Slaughterhouse." (YouTube) Epic Mealtime/YouTube

(CBS) Who's the biggest YouTube cooking star? It's not Bobby Flay or Mario Batali. It's Canadian substitute teacher Harley Morenstein and he's coming to kick your salad's butt.

Morenstein and his band of merry men (and a girl or two) build mugs out of bacon, don't mind putting a turducken in a roasted pig and generally gobble down more fat and calories than seems humanly possible. They're fearless, funny and very popular. They're also a little drunk.

Their web show called "Epic Mealtime" garners around one million views each week. Bobby Flay's greatest Youtube hit has a quarter of that traffic.

In an age where organic and health conscious seems to rule the airwaves and the Web (our site included), Epic Mealtime has become the bacon wrapped reply.

"People feel guilty," Morenstein tells CBS News. "They think super foods, I'm not eating any of those. I just had fries."

On YouTube, Morenstein seems to be battling hard to make sure you feel better about your own diet. Watching a man in aviator glasses eat 87,000 calories of "slaughterhouse" can do that. In just a few months the show has plowed through 50 pounds of bacon.

"People look at us and feel good about themselves," he says. "They think, look at them. They are going to die real soon."

The aviator guy is actually a trainer says Morenstein and he claims the crew works out and stays active so as not to panic their fans. "If we do the show looking like fat slobs people are going to be worried about you," he says.

Epic Mealtime's Harley Morenstein is bringing meat for Christmas.
Epic Mealtime's Harley Morenstein is bringing meat for Christmas. (YouTube) Epic Mealtime/YouTube

What's the future for Epic Meal Time? "Feature-length film in IMAX 3D directed by Steven Spielberg" says Morenstein. Either that or an "Epic Mealtime restaurant on the Vegas strip with Mike Tyson as maitre d' shaking you hand. Imagine all the lawsuits."

We're trying not to. In the meantime, for a very unhealthy 3 minutes of entertainment, check out Epic Mealtime on Youtube.