Epic Meal Time crew creates "Fast Food Lasagna"

(CBS) - The Epic Meal Time crew is at it again, this time with a little dish they call "Fast Food Lasagna".

The dish involves about a liter of Big Mac secret sauce and 45 burgers from three different fast food joints, along with a smorgasbord of other goodies that will have your taste buds go into overdrive and your arteries lock up. Check it out.

Now I love bacon. And I love cheese. In fact, I love almost every ingredient the Epic Meal Time crew tends to work with. But I've got to say sometimes I can't quite tell by the end if some of these creations end up being the best tasting things ever or just a disgusting mass of fat and grease. Still, I definitely love Epic Meal Time and their videos, so expect to keep seeing more of them here on The Feed.