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Enrique Bassas And Luis Posada

We reported today that the National Republican Congressional Committee has received $6,700 this cycle from Enrique Bassas, an anti-Castro activist, who the Miami Herald had connected to a plot to assassinate the Cuban dictator in 1998. Today, the Herald makes another connection. A second plotter in that alleged attempt was Luis Posada, a man suspected of blowing up a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing 73 people.

In a taped interview in 1998 with the New York Times, Posada confessed to a string of bombings, but denied destroying the airplane. Posada, a hero among some elements of the Cuban-American population, has sought clemency here in the United States and is wanted in Panama and Venezuela. A connection to him can, in South Florida, can be a political benefit in some quarters.

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