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Engineer involved in deadly Philadelphia crash sues Amtrak

PHILADELPHIA — The Amtrak engineer involved in a deadly crash in Philadelphia has sued Amtrak, saying it failed to address reports that people were throwing projectiles at trains. 

Brandon Bostian’s attorney has said the engineer didn’t remember anything after his train pulled out of the last stop before the derailment.   LinkedIn

Brandon Bostian says he was left disoriented or unconscious when something struck his train before the May 2015 crash.

Federal investigators came to a different conclusion: that Bostian’s train wasn’t hit.

They concluded Bostian instead was distracted over reports that a nearby train was struck and lost track of where he was. He accelerated to 106 mph as he approached a 50 mph curve.

Amtrak has paid $265 million over claims filed on behalf of the eight people killed and more than 200 injured.

Bostian says he suffered physical and psychological injuries that make it difficult for him to work. He is seeking more than $50,000.

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