Clerk tries to stop shoplifting "flash mob" at Ill. store

Surveillance footage of a flash mob attempting to flee a Chicago K&G with thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise.

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO - Police are investigating after a group of people shoplifted from a Chicago clothing store Thursday afternoon, reports CBS Chicago. The "flash mob" robbery was captured on surveillance video, along with a store employee's attempt to stop the thefts.

About a dozen male and female suspects entered the K&G Fashion Superstore in Chicago's Grand Crossing neighborhood, bringing their own shopping bags, in an attempt steal as a group, according to the station.


Surveillance video shows the men and women entering the busy store and filling their bags before attempting to exit the building. A sales clerk who noticed the robbery confronted one of the male suspects at the door, where a brief scuffle ensued, CBS Chicago reports.

When a group of female suspects tried to walk away, the same clerk darted out from between two cars, grabbed one of the women's bags and tossed it back inside the store, the video shows.

"We were able to retrieve $2,200 worth of merchandise, but we're estimating that they walked away with at least $1,200 [in stolen merchandise]," store manager Celestine Williams told CBS Chicago.

According to the station, every shoplifter got away. K&G had no security on duty at the time the crime occurred. Chicago police said this was an isolated incident and that they will work with local businesses on future prevention efforts.