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Eminem Mocks Jacko

Rapper Eminem stood up and made fun of Michael Jackson by dangling a baby doll over a hotel balcony.

Eminem also wore a surgical mask over his face in an obvious swipe at Jackson, who dangled his baby, Prince Michael II, over a balcony railing in Berlin in November.

Eminem, who was staying at the Art House Hotel in Glasgow, went further than Jackson by tossing the doll into the air and catching it.

"Empersonator," said a headline in the Daily Mirror tabloid, which published three photos. The New York Post's front page blared: "Oh baby! Eminem does his best Jacko."

Scotland's Daily Record tabloid said the incident occurred as fans and photographers gathered outside the hotel before Eminem's concert in the city Tuesday.

Eminem, whose nickname is Slim Shady, is on a British tour but has kept a low-profile between shows.

The Daily Record said he took over 50 rooms at the hotel for his entourage.