Emily Procter's Unlikely Side

Emily Procter
CBS/The Early Show
"CSI: Miami" is one of TV's biggest hits, with some 20 million viewers tuning in each week of this, its fourth season.

One reason for its success is Emily Procter, who plays ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne.


to The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler she's still surprised at the way the show caught on. "There are still moments where I'm flying and people say, 'I watch the show.' And I'm like, 'Thank you.' It's amazing."

That success has made it possible for Procter to spread her wings in ways that are, in some instances, a bit unlikely.

For instance, the show now has its own board game, and Procter says, "Every time I see my piece, I just want to brush my hair!"

In her spare time, Procter also sings with an '80s cover band, called White Lightning.

And she plays poker, on one of the TV poker shows.

"I feel like 'CSI: Miami' was just a license to do all sorts of horrible things that I'd always wanted to do," she kidded with Syler.

In a more conventional offshoot, Procter is starring in "Big Momma's House 2," with Martin Lawrence. It hits theaters Friday.

"It's basically a sequel," she says."I'm a harried mother of three and looking for help in the house. And they suspect my husband is leaking information from the government. So Big Mama comes in, Martin, to take the job. But then, to watch the husband. And I have to say, we had the best time. I loved it."

This season, the characters in "CSI: Miami" are dealing with an office mole who's leaking things to the press and others.