Emily, Jacob Still Top Baby Names

Emily again topped the list of most popular baby girl names last year, registering as No. 1 for the eighth straight time. Jacob led among names for boys for the fourth year in a row.

New parents didn't stray far from past habits in 2003 when naming their babies, bringing only two new names — Anthony and Elizabeth — into the top-10 lists, which were released Friday by the Social Security Administration.

Three more biblical names followed Jacob for the boys: Michael, Joshua and Matthew.

For girls, Emma, Madison and Hannah came after Emily, which has been the most popular female name since 1996.

Rounding out the top 10 for girls, in order, were Olivia, Abigail, Alexis, Ashley, Elizabeth and Samantha.

The list for boys continued with Andrew, Joseph, Ethan, Daniel, Christopher and Anthony.

The Social Security Administration bases its annual lists on applications for Social Security cards for children born in the given year. The top 1,000 names for both boys and girls are available on the agency's Web site.