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Emanuel Tweaks GOP On Slogans

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) had a little bit of fun at the expense of his Republican counterparts on Wednesday, as his staff circulated a memo criticizing the GOP for changing slogans.

The Democratic Caucus press office sent around a memo entitled "GOP Slogans Change Every Day, But Bad Policies Stay the Same" highlighting the fact that Republicans have recently taken a few different stabs at a new message.

House Republicans quickly changed the slogan of their new re-branding effort from "Change You Deserve" to "Change America Deserves," after it was revealed that the former is the slogan for an anti-depressant drug Effexor.

"Unfortunately for the American people, while House Republicans' slogans continue to change, their policies stay the same," the memo stated. "What American's are looking for from Congressional Republicans isn't a change in slogan, it's a change in action."

Last week, Emanuel released a list of side effects for the Effexor, with jabs like; "nausea, because what [Republicans] did to the economy makes people sick to their stomach."

However, Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio.) argued that the two slogans have always been interchangeable.

Steel was predictably not amused with the Democrats memo.

"Democrats childish infatuation with this non-issue is an attempt to distract from their broken promises and lack of an effective agenda on issues the American people care about" he said.