Elzbieta Plackowska: DNA testing ordered for Illinois mother accused of stabbing son, girl

Elzbieta Plackowska
DuPage County sheriff's office
Elzbieta Plackowska
DuPage County Sheriff's Office

(CBS/AP) NAPERVILLE, Ill. - A judge ordered a DNA test Monday for Illinois mother Elzbieta Plackowsdka, accused in the stabbing deaths of her young son and a girl she was babysitting.

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A DuPage County judge ordered the 40-year-old Plackowska to provide hair and saliva samples, according to the Daily Herald, a suburban Chicago newspaper. The judge granted the motion from prosecutors and Plackowska's defense did not object.

Plackowska pleaded not guilty in November 2012 to first-degree murder in each child's death. Prosecutors said she stabbed her 7-year-old son more than 100 times because she was angry with her husband. She then allegedly stabbed the 5-year-old girl about 50 times because the girl was a witness.

Plackowska is next due in court on March 22.

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