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Elmo Makes A Movie

Like Elvis, like Madonna, he's a star with just one name, but it's a name that has launched 1,000 smiles.

He's Elmo, the young monster from Sesame Street, who now stars in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. CBS This Morning's Julie Chen reports.

In the movie, Elmo's journey begins when his best friend Zoe borrows his treasured blanket. But when Elmo tries to snatch it back, Telly zooms by on his inline skates, snags the blanket by mistake, and it ends up throwing it in Oscar's trash can.

Elmo goes into the trash can to retrieve his blanket, but he falls into Grouchland, where the evil Huxley (played by Mandy Patinkin) has taken Elmo's blanket for his own. ("He's selfish," Elmo tells Chen. "He took Elmo's blanket.")

As he travels through Grouchland to get his blanket back, Elmo learns about sharing and being kind to others. He also ends up defeating Huxley.

Along the way he meets the Queen of Trash (played by Vanessa Williams) and even sings and dances with her. "She's a very good singer," says Elmo. "She was very nice. She gave Elmo a game. Elmo loves to play games."

Elmo's synopsis of the movie: "Well, Elmo was very selfish with his blanket to a very good friend of his, Zoe. Then he lost his blanket. It went up in the air and fell into Oscar's can. Elmo went into the can to get it."

Although he is the leading monster in the new film, Elmo denies that he is a big movie star. "Elmo and Elmo's friends from Sesame Street had a lot of fun doing this movie," he says.

Elmo did not do his own stunts in the movie. "They had a stunt Elmo," he explains. "Guess what? His head started smoking at one point. It was okay. They fixed him."

What did Elmo think of Grouchland? "It's silly," he says. "Just think of Oscar's can, only 100 percent more. Trash is everythingÂ… That's what they love to live in. To each his own."

Elmo still is not quite ready to give up his beloved blanket.

"It's important to Elmo," he explains. "Elmo loves it because it keeps Elmo warm."

For more information visit his official Web site.

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