Elizabeth Smart Trial Update: Smart Storms off During Psychiatrist Testimony

Elizabeth Smart walks out of Federal Court after starting her testimony November, 8 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The trial of the accused Brian David Mitchell in the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart will resume after it was suspended last week due to a stay issued by the 10th circuit court to hear defense attorney arguments for moving the trial out of Utah.
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Elizabeth Smart Storms off During Trial
Elizabeth Smart on November, 8 2010 (George Frey/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY (CBS/AP) Elizabeth Smart stormed out of court in Utah Wednesday as a psychiatrist testified that Brian David Mitchell, the man accused of kidnapping her at knifepoint in 2002, had been motivated by a desire to have children and create a new race in an imaginary Zion.

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Forensic psychiatrist Paul Whitehead testified that he gleaned this information from the journals of Wanda Eileen Barzee, Mitchell's estranged wife.

Whitehead said Smart had been chastised by Mitchell and Barzee for not wanting to have children.

"Mr. Mitchell was talking with Miss Smart about having babies to the point where Miss Smart actually picked out a name in case that happened," Whitehead testified.

At that point, Smart got up from her seat in the front row of the courtroom and left to a private area. Her mother followed.

Whitehead, a Utah State Hospital doctor, said he believes Mitchell suffers from psychotic illness.

Whitehead said he supervised the hospital unit where Mitchell was housed between 2005 and 2008 and diagnosed him with a delusional disorder. He believes Mitchell needed anti-psychotic medications but said Mitchell refused all treatments.

Mitchell was incarcerated at the state hospital after being deemed incompetent for trial in a parallel state case. Federal prosecutors took over the case in 2008.

Mitchell was taken from the courtroom to a hospital on Tuesday after suffering an apparent seizure. He returned to court briefly Wednesday but was removed again after disrupting the proceedings by singing hymns.

The trial is in its fourth week and is expected to last until Dec. 10. If convicted, Mitchell could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The defense doesn't dispute the facts of the kidnapping, but contends that Mitchell is mentally ill and cannot be held responsible.

Prosecutors believe Mitchell is faking a mental illness to avoid prosecution.

Smart was 14 when she was abducted from her home at knifepoint on June 5, 2002. She was recovered nine months later disguised in a wig and sunglasses and walking a suburban Salt Lake City street with Mitchell.

Now 23, Smart has testified that she was forced to enter a polygamous marriage with Mitchell, endured near daily rapes, was forced to use drugs and alcohol, and was taken to California against her will.