Elisabeth: The Viewers' Favorite

010222 survivor ELISABETH FILARSKI
America's favorite Survivor - the one the largest number of "Survivor: The Australian Outback" viewers would like to win - is seen as the most unlikely to emerge victorious in the broadcast, according to a just released CBS News poll.

Asked which of the remaining four contestants they'd like to win the survival contest, Americans said Elisabeth should win. Tina, the other woman in the final four, was second, while Colby and Keith trailed behind. The order of preference was the same for men as for women, and didn't differ much by age nor by how often people watched the reality TV game show, but there were some regional differences. Colby and Tina fared better in the South, their home region, than they did elsewhere in the country.

But though Americans would like Elisabeth to win it all all, few expect she will. When asked who would win and be the ultimate "Survivor", more than a third named Colby, while just 6 percent think the sentimental favorite Elisabeth will prevail.

Of the random sample of 921 adult viewers surveyed Monday through Wednesday, 25 percent want Elisabeth to win, 18 percent want Tina to win, 12 percent want Colby as the victor and just 4 percent would like to see Keith take it all.

Asked who will win, 37 percent said Colby, 16 percent said Tina, 10 percent said Keith and just 6 percent said Elisabeth.

In each case, about a third of all viewers said they had no preference. That percentage is highest among those who watch "Survivor" only infrequently. More than nine in 10 who watch nearly every week have a preference.

Each of the last four Survivors is viewed as the next to go by a significant number of respondents. But more - 23 percent- name Keith as the next to leave. Of the remainder, 15 percent think Elisabeth will go, another 15 percent think Tina will go and 12 percent think that Colby will go.

Again, about a third of those who have watched the show gave no prediction on what will happen next.

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