Elisabeth Mandala: New Pictures of Teen Murdered in Mexico

The news of Elisabeth Mandala's violent death hit the students of Kempner High School hard. School officials had counselors on campus to help students cope with the loss. "It affected everyone. There were people crying in the middle of class, in almost every single class I went to," Jillian Thompson, a classmate, told CBS affiliate KHOU.
Personal Photo
Elisabeth Mandala (Personal Photo)

MONTERREY, Mexico (CBS/AP) New photos have surfaced of Elisabeth Mandala, the teen stripper who was found murdered in Mexico.

PICTURES: Elisabeth Mandala

According to The Houston Chronicle, the 18-year-old had been a stripper at Moments Cabaret in Pasadena, where the manager said "she had been particularly popular."

Mandala and two Mexican men were found dead Saturday in a crashed pickup truck near Mina, a town in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon.

Elisabeth Mandala (Personal Photo)

Mandala, a senior at Kempner High School in Sugar Land, Texas, near Houston, was last seen April 27 leaving her mother's home. Mandala's mother reported her missing midday Saturday, Houston police spokesman Victor Senties said.

PICTURES: Elisabeth Mandala

Autopsies revealed all three died from severe blows to the head and body, and officials believe the crash was staged given that they found a large rock near the gas and brake pedals and believe it could have been used to accelerate the vehicle, said a spokeswoman from the Nuevo Leon state Attorney General's Office.

The motive for the killing was unknown. The relationship between Mandala and the two Mexican men was also unclear.

PICTURES: Elisabeth Mandala

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