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Elfin the otter gets to the heart of a block of ice

(CBS) - Today is a day for romance. But love can take many forms. In particular, love can take the form of an otter and a block of ice. Why won't that block of ice just open up? Watch this heartwarming story of love, compromise, and personal growth as an otter tries to get at the delicious food in the heart of a block of ice.

If you'd prefer a more factual description of what's happening in this video, the Vancouver Aquarium has you covered:

Sea otters usually prey on hard-shelled food -- clams, abalones, mussels, crabs... If they're too hard to crack with their teeth, they'll smash them open with, or against, a rock.
This is what this sea otter (Elfin) is doing when he bashes the ice against the rock. He's after the hidden gems of food frozen within the ice.
The Aquarium's marine mammal trainers freeze seafood in chunks of ice and give them to the sea otters to play with, so they have a variety of ways to get their food -- and it's just plain fun.
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