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Father of El Paso massacre suspect treated 2012 shooting survivor for PTSD

El Paso suspect's mom called police about gun
El Paso suspect's mom called police about gun... 01:53

Eric Keyes has dealt with the physical and mental after-effects of gun violence. CBS DFW reports that the musician was shot by a person he called a "crazed fan" in 2012.

After Saturday's El Paso mass shooting that resulted in 22 deaths and 24 people injured, Keyes learned the therapist who helped him heal is the suspect's father. "I didn't believe it," Keyes told the station. "I didn't believe it. I said are you sure? Because this is not even funny to me."

Eric Keyes survived a 2012 shooting Eric Keyes/CBS DFW

Keyes said he knew his therapist had family but never talked about them. They just mostly focused on treatment.

Bryan Crusius, the father of mass shooting suspect Patrick Crusius, treated the musician for post traumatic stress disorder. On his website, Crusius says his "mission is to bring the highest level of care possible to any who wish to be free from addictions, codependence, PTSD and trauma."

"We just talked about me getting shot and the circumstances around it and how it affected me and we worked through that," Keyes said.

Keyes said Bryan Crusius created a GoFundMe page to help him aise money for his care. "He's wonderful and I'm so heartbroken over this," Keyes said.

The day after the El Paso mass shooting, Keyes texted his therapist and received a glimpse into the thoughts of the suspect's father.

"'Eric, keep my family in your thoughts during this tragedy' and I cried when I read that," he said

Court records show Crusius' mother, Lori Lynn Crusius, filed for divorce in 2011. She has been a nurse in Texas since 1990. His father is a licensed counselor and was a licensed instructor for alcohol education programs for minors.

Bryan Crusius also wrote a 2014 book "Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery," in which he writes about his past struggles with addiction.

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