Eighty-nine animals removed from feces-filled home in Texas

Some of the dogs removed from a Texas home
SPCA of Texas

Texas authorities took custody of 57 dogs, 26 cats, five puppies and one kitten, all living at a feces-filled, urine-soaked home northeast of Dallas, CBS Dallas Fort Worth reported.

The SPCA of Texas said most of the dogs were kept in filthy crates in the house in Royse City, with one crate also containing dead mice. Several dogs were loose inside the house and others were found outside, one in a pen next to the residence and another in the backyard. One dog was found inside a car that was parked on the property.

Cats were kept in a separate room in the house
SPCA of Texas
The cats and kitten were kept in a separate room inside the house, according to CBS Dallas Fort Worth.

The dogs and cats appeared to have varying health issues, including hair loss, flea infestation, and nose and eye discharges, according to the SPCA of Texas.

The SPCA had seized 45 animals from the same property four years ago.

Authorities had been working with the owner
SPCA of Texas
The organization had been working with the animals' owner for more than a year to try to bring conditions at the home into compliance with the Texas Health and Safety Code. The owner had given up 12 dogs to the SPCA in December.

The animals' conditions had worsened enough recently that the SPCA decided to remove them on Wednesday, CBS Dallas Fort Worth reported.

The dogs and cats are being treated at an animal care center until a hearing takes place. If the SPCA takes permanent custody of the animals, some could be up for adoption.