Eight-Year-Old Terror Suspect?

Mikey Hicks is an 8-year-old Boy Scout who can't get through airport security without being stopped for a pat-down.

Does it make any sense?

"Not really," Mikey said on "The Early Show."

Hicks, who shares the same name as a person who has drawn suspicion from the Department of Homeland Security, has faced additional screening since he was a baby.

Mikey's mother Najlah said on "The Early Show" it all started when her son was a 4 or 5 months old when they flew to Florida for his baptism.

N.J. Boy, 8, on Terrorism Watch List

Najlah said, "You couldn't check-in online. You couldn't get a seat, and you couldn't check in at the kiosk. You had to go to the ticket counter and then they had to call a supervisor. And that was the first time they asked for his passport to really make sure he was who he was."

She added that incident was soon after the Sept. 11 attacks, but they continued as Mikey got older.

"First it's like a little story you can tell your family. It's kind of funny, and then it's amusing, and then it's a little annoying," she said. "And then you get to the point when he gets a little older, you get very angry about it."

When asking about her the security measures used on her son, Najlah said she has been told different stories by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees. She said some tell her nothing, while others tell her Mikey is on a list, and still others tell her he's on a specific "Watch List."

When Mikey was just 2 years old he received his first pat-down.

Two weeks ago, Najlah said, her family traveled overseas, and even with a TSA employee there to assist them at Newark Airport, Mikey and his father -- who shares the same name -- were frisked by security.

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez noted that although TSA has told CBS News there is no 8-year-old on a "Watch List," they said they are in the process of assuming responsibility from the air carriers for pre-screening passengers against comprehensive terror watch lists. She added TSA has said all you will have to do is prove your gender and date-of-birth and you'll be able to get through security.

Najlah said in response, "Every time we go, we take his passport. They check his gender. They check his date-of-birth. They see that he's 8 years old. And he still has security problems so -- If they do it, great."

She added, "But you know, we totally understand that there needs to be security. We totally understand that this country is under constant threat. We know all about 9-11. We live 11 miles from the city, but if you would just get all these people off the list that don't belong on the list, then maybe you'd find the right people."