Eight floppy drives cover Daft Punk (with an "explosive bonus")

(CBS News) It hit me this morning that it has been months (months!since we last checked in on one of our favorite floppy drive orchestras here at The Feed. Okay, they're also the only floppy drive orchestra here at The Feed, but that doesn't diminish from their quirky, yet mesmerizing musical genius. So check out eight floppy drives perform Daft Punk's song "Aerodynamic" above.

The retro rendition of the contemporary classic comes from YouTube user MrSolidSnake745who has been featured here on The Feed many times now, and who writes about his latest:

I tried adding in a simple effect in this one around 2:33 so check it out. Another of my favorite Daft Punk songs. Enjoy!
New set of videos that I've entirely devoted to Daft Punk! I did the songs that I think sounded best on floppy drives so that leaves out some of the songs I really wanted to do. This is the third of four videos. You can still access the last one early by visiting my FB page or spot on Abyssal Forums. Both links below.

And the headline promised an "explosive bonus" (ooh, mysterious!), and because headlines never lie, watch what happens when a CD hits its revolution limit in our video below. You can probably guess where this one is going, but it's better seen than said (or written in this case).