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Egypt Faces Uncertain Future After Mubarak

CAIRO (AP) - Protesters camped out in Cairo are divided about whether to stay or go as the country faces an uncertain future after Egypt's longtime President Hosni Mubarak surrendered power to the military.

Some took down their makeshift tents and headed home Saturday. Others vowed to stay put until they hear details from the military. Barricades have been removed from at least one road.

Shopkeeper Gomaa Abdel-Maqsoud says he's been in Tahrir Square since the protests began on Jan. 25 and is ready to go. He says "I have never seen such happiness in peoples' faces before; what else do I want?"

Nadal Saqr, a university professor, says protesters should stay until the army issues a promised statement with "clear assurances" that their demands for democracy are met.