Edwards Volunteers Near Site of Snub

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- While Barack Obama held a rally in Charleston today in front of thousands of supporters, John Edwards was in a less glamorous part of town tonight working at a local food bank.

So what did Edwards think was the more important event?

"Far be it for me to be critical of somebody who has a political rally because I've been to lots of them myself," said Edwards. "I think this is more important. I think that's politics and I think this is real life."

Edwards's comments came after packing boxes of food at the Lowcountry Food Bank for nearly 45 minutes.

Edwards also expressed no surprise about John Kerry's endorsement of Barack Obama, saying that he "had heard months ago" that Kerry intended to throw his support behind the Illinois senator.

Edwards downplayed any reported ill will toward his former running mate in 2004.

"I have great respect for Senator Kerry," said Edwards. "And my view of him, my very high opinion of him, hasn't changed, I still have an enormously high opinion of John Kerry, he's a good man."