Edwards Supporter: Obama's "Not Ready Yet"

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

MT. PLEASANT, IOWA -- Newsflash: John Edwards thinks he can beat Barack Obama.

Edwards was asked the "No Duh!" question about whether he could win against the Illinois senator at a canvass kickoff party in Mt. Pleasant this morning in front of two or three dozen people.

After answering a definite "yes," the questioner replied, "He's not ready yet."

Replied Edwards, "Well you're saying that... But keep saying it, particularly between now and tomorrow night."

This allowed his wife Elizabeth an opportunity to jump in and make a point about a radio commercial she heard for Obama. According to her, the ad claimed that Obama's health plan covered more people than either Edwards's or Hillary Clinton's plans. This put Mrs. Edwards in the unlikely position of defending Hillary Clinton.

"It's just complete untruth," she said. "I'll speak on behalf of Senator Clinton as well. Both Senator Clinton's and John Edwards's health care plans cover one hundred percent of Americans and Senator Obama's does not."

At a media avail following the event Edwards was skeptical that Dennis Kucinich's decision to throw his non-viable support toward Barack Obama.

"It's very hard to tell Iowa caucusgoers what to do," he said. "I think they'll make up their own minds."

Also, Edwards is riding now in a THIRD different bus during this 36-hour marathon excursion. This new bus replaces the coach bus that they scrambled to replace the Main Street Express when it broke down overnight. The change was made again to accommodate desks and other workspace for staffers.

Spokesman Mark Kornblau is still confident, however, that the Main Street Express will make a return by day's end once they fix what's suspected to be a broken alternator.

So, in case you're keeping track, the Edwards campaign is averaging a new bus every 8 hours or so.