Edwards May Find a Role for Bill Clinton if Elected

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

John Edwards told Bob Schieffer on CBS News "Face The Nation" this morning that he envisions a role for former President Bill Clinton in an Edwards White House.

Edwards called it a "complete fantasy" that President Clinton would not have a role in a Hillary Clinton administration. In fact, said Edwards, he thinks the 42nd president could be a face for America and his own administration around the world.

"I think it's unrealistic to think that President Clinton wouldn't play a major role. You know, as a matter of fact, I think that President Clinton may play some role in my administration in providing help around the world and with leaders around the world," said Edwards.

Edwards was also grilled about his ability to stop 527 groups from acting on his behalf. Asked by Schieffer if he could call up the 527 group run Alliance for a New America by former aide Nick Baldick, Edwards stood his ground saying that any communication one way or another could be construed as coordination, and therefore against the law.

Edwards has publicly called for the group to stop running ads on his behalf, but adds that he has no control over their operatiopns. He was quick to point out on today's show, however, that none of AFNA's ads are negative toward any of the other candidates.