Edwards: Iowa's a "Dead Heat"

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

DES MOINES, IOWA -- Standing outside the "Main Street Express" bus inside the Polk County Convention Center, John Edwards kicked off an 8-day tour of Iowa telling supporters that it's "crunch time" and urged them to caucus for him on January 3rd.

If you "stand up for me," Edwards told the union-heavy crowd, "I will stand up for you."

Edwards told the union-heavy crowd who interrupted the speech with"President Edwards" chants that "it is time for America to rise again."

At a press conference following the event, Edwards told reporters "This [race] feels like a dead heat to me."

"Among the three of us, it's very close," he said referring to Obama and Clinton. "What happened last time is the last three weeks there was a dramatic rise by me and I think by Senator Kerry. And you gotta believe there's gonna be some movement these last three weeks."